Mrs. Noha Roukoss

  • Mrs. Noha Roukoss

    Head of the Secretariat, Social Workers Syndicate in Lebanon since 2016. Master degree in family intervention, Lebanese University Univeristy Diploma in community Public Health, St. Joseph University, Bachelor Degree in Medical Social Work, Lebanese University Trainee and co-facilator at Equitas International Human Rights Training Program 2007-2009. Expert on migrant rights and combating human trafficking She has been working for Caritas Lebanon for more than 19 years. She started her career as a medical social worker at detention Center and prisons. She is the project awareness officer on safe cycle of migration by organizing: awareness sessions on migrant rights, developing human rights training and training curriculums, conducting, organizing different activities and events concerning migrants, refugees, human trafficking and SGBV. She also conducts Post-Arrival and Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar for migrant workers in Lebanon and at the countries of origin. Additionally, she took part of the emergency unit to intervenes in crisis like wars and natural disasters (Iraqi War, Tsunami, War 2006, Syrian’ war; Mission to Haiti after the earthquake. In addition, she is a Supervisor of interns and trainees from Lebanese universities, Human Legal Clinic- Sagesse University and interns from different other countries. She represents her NGO in conference, trainings and other activities.