Mrs. Nadia Badran

  • Mrs. Nadia Badran

    Social Workers’ Syndicate in Lebanon President since 2016. PHD- Current in social sciences about ethics in social work Master’s degree in Counseling Socio-Educatif -St. Joseph University Beirut-Lebanon BS in Social work - Faculty of Health Sciences- Lebanese University-Beirut- Lebanon Executive Director of SIDC- Lebanese NGO More than 25 years of experience in the field of health and social promotion, education and counseling with relation to children, adolescents, vulnerable youth and adults. She was involved in the development and implementation of programs addressing specific topics including Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), gender and sexual identity, mental health, substance use, HIV/AIDS, stigma and discrimination etc. She worked with minorities including (LGBTQI), migrants and refugees, People Living with HIV, Female and male Sex workers or victims of sexual assaults and survival sex. She is actively engaged in defending human rights of vulnerable groups and developing policies to protect their rights. She is a trainer and lecturer at Regional and International levels with UN agencies and International NGOs, and active member of various regional advisory committees. Member of the WHO regional expert team. Five years director of the Knowledge –Hub MENAHRA a hub and research center for Harm Reduction in the MENA region. Founding member of community organizations Vivre Positif (association for People Living with and Affected by HIV) and LANA (Lebanese AIDS Network Associations), currently secretariat of RANAA. Developed and or adapted more than 50 training modules, and 100 regional and national training workshops implemented.